Windchill Quality Solutions (Relex)

Product quality management through the product lifecycle

Faced with the financial impact of warranty costs, launch delays, late-product rework, and product recalls, companies can’t afford not to take quality very seriously. But too often, product quality is addressed using disjointed, department-specific tools that seldom – if ever – communicate critical quality information across organizational functions and lifecycle stages. Effective product quality management allows companies to build quality, reliability, safety and process controls into every part of the product lifecycle.

Windchill Quality Solutions ensure that every level of the organization is equipped to manage and improve product quality. Click here to request a free trial version of Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly known as Relex), which can be fully integrated with the Windchill product family.

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Quality planning: Balancing requirements for function, safety, performance and cost while ensuring these requirements are validated during design, test, manufacture, service and use
  • Quality execution: Analyzing product reliability and risk early during product design, testing as-designed products to validate performance, and controlling critical characteristics during manufacture and service
  • Quality improvement: Leveraging results from design, testing, manufacture and fielded use to identify quality issues and to help ensure their correction in next-generation products and processes
  • Quality governance: Establishing enterprise-wide quality guidelines and policies to monitor quality improvement efforts, meet government or industry standards, and provide complete management visibility into issues of product and process quality